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Breast Cancer : Clinical Presentation and Genetics

Breast Cancer : Clinical Presentation and Genetics

#56 How do you investigate women younger than 30 years who has breast mass ?

Answer :

Physical examination


Ultrasound guided biopsy

Surgical referral for definitive diagnosis


#57 How do you manage breast cysts ?

Answer :

Aspiration under clinical guidance

Non recurrent cyst after aspiration is a simple cyst

No further intervention is needed


#58 What are ultrasound features of complex breast cysts and how do you investigate them ?

Answer :

Complex breast cysts contain both fluid and solid tissue

They should undergo excisional biopsy to evaluate the entire cyst

Ultrasound guided biopsy with placement of clip in the lesion is an alternative to excisional biopsy


#59 When do you consider FNA in women with breast mass and when do you follow the patient up ?

Answer :

In cases where physical exam and breast imaging are consistent with fibrocystic breast disease.

Follow up of patient should be in 2 months for further evaluation


#60 What do you do for women with an abnormal screening mammogram in the absence of a palpable breast mass

Answer :

They require prompt work-up as recommended the radiologist interpreting the mammogram


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