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Breast Cancer : Clinical Presentation and Genetics

Breast Cancer : Clinical Presentation and Genetics

#61 How do you categorize the degree of breast abnormality ?

Answer :

Using the Breast Imaging and Reporting Data System (BI-RADS)


#62 What is the most commonly used staging systems for breast cancer ?

Answer :

TMN staging system


#63 How do you evaluate women with newly diagnosed breast cancer ?

Answer :

Full history

Physical examination

Palpation of each breast

Lymph nodes examination

Abdominal examination

Assessment of the skin for potential disease involvement


#64 What are the work up for investigating women with breast cancer ?

Answer :

Bilateral mammography

Complete blood count

Liver function tests


#65 How do you investigate patients with abnormal laboratory test or symptoms of metastasis ?

Answer :

Chest x-ray

CT scan of the chest, abdomen, and pelvis

Bone scan


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