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Breast Cancer : Clinical Presentation and Genetics

Breast Cancer : Clinical Presentation and Genetics

#6 What is the endogenous source of estrogen in postmenopausal women ?

Answer :

It is dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) produced in the adrenal gland


#7 What is the metabolic product of DHEA ?

Answer :

It is metabolized to estradiol and estrone


#8 What is the relationship between serum estrogen level and breast cancer in post menopausal women ?

Answer :

Higher serum levels of estrogen correlate with increased breast cancer risk


#9 What are the surrogates for increased long-term exposure to endogenous estrogen in women, which are associated with breast cancer risk ?

Answer :

Higher bone mineral density

Increased mammographic breast density


#10 What is the risk of oral contraceptive exposure to the development of breast cancer ?

Answer :

Past oral contraceptive (OC) use does not result in any significant increase in breast cancer risk in women over 40 years of age who has no history of breast cancer

Short-term use of estrogen replacement therapy (< 4–5 years) is not associated with increased breast cancer risk


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